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I made this curly cherry coffe table for my buddys dad, Bill Sr!┬álove the amazing grain pattern of curly cherry…


Renovating our kitchen has been a long and drawn out process. What’s the hurry I say, I’m not keeping up with the Joneses!!!!! After painting the old cabinets and ripping out the old nasty countertops it changed the whole feel of the place. I choose sycamore for the countertops because of its warm glow and quarter swan grain pattern. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!

Its late February and this winter has been lame! There has hardly been any snow and not much weather where you really need to start a fire. Right now I am finishing up a floor sanding job at my friend Steves new home. He and his wife are moving into a community house that used to be a catholic parish. Countless hours of volunteers and other craftsman have worked renovating the place. The community house will be a place of prayer and a wide open door to offer the name of Jesus to anyone in the neighborhood. It has been great to be able to once again bring some great floors back to the original instead of being covered up by carpet!
I also went official with starting my own woodworking business offering furniture design and floor refinishing. If you have a reverence for wood, were in business!

Walnut table

Walnut table with maple apron